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Offers by Lynn Chadwick

Lynn Chadwick - Maquette for R34 (Maquette for Stranger III)
Chadwick, Lynn
Maquette for R34 (Maquette for Stranger III)
Bronze, 1959

Estimated price  40.000 EUR

Lynn Chadwick - Watchers one
Chadwick, Lynn
Watchers one
Lithograph in colors, 1960

Estimated price  400 EUR

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Cragg, Tony - Point of View
Cragg, Tony
Point of View
Bronze, 2002

Estimated price  300.000 EUR

Richter, Gerhard - Fuji
Richter, Gerhard
Oil, 1996

Estimated price  250.000 EUR

Nay, Ernst Wilhelm - Purpurmelodie
Nay, Ernst Wilhelm
Oil on canvas, 1951

Estimated price  200.000 EUR

Richter, Gerhard - Grün-Blau-Rot
Richter, Gerhard
Oil on canvas, 1993

Estimated price  200.000 EUR

Richter, Gerhard - Ohne Titel (9.12.96)
Richter, Gerhard
Ohne Titel (9.12.96)
Oil, 1996

Estimated price  150.000 EUR

Förg, Günther - Fenster I
Förg, Günther
Fenster I
Acrylic, 1989

Estimated price  100.000 EUR

Förg, Günther - Farbfeld
Förg, Günther
Oil, 1986

Estimated price  90.000 EUR

Grosse, Katharina - Ohne Titel
Grosse, Katharina
Ohne Titel
Oil on canvas, 1997

Estimated price  90.000 EUR

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